Supplies for Coin and Stamp Collectors

Every collector needs tools appropriate to the hobby. Whether you’re a coin, paper money or stamp collector, you need a way to protect and display your exciting finds. At Rousseau Collections Stamps and Coins at Hudson’s Bay in Montreal, you’ll find all the supplies you need to keep your collections organized:

  • Catalogues
  • Guides
  • Albums
  • Tongs
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Capsules

Coin, Banknote, and Stamp Catalogues

Charlton Standard Catalogue:

Canadian Coins, Volume One

Numismatic Issues, 70th Edition, 2016

Since its very first publication in 1952, the Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins has been an essential tool in Canadian numismatics. Volume one focuses on business strikes, commemorative issues struck for circulation, varieties, and all legal-tender coinage issued from 1858 to date.

Price: $24.95 CAD

Charlton Standard Catalogue:

Canadian Coins, Volume Two

Collector and Maple Leaf Issues, 6th Edition, 2016

Canadian Coins, Volume two, is the only authoritative catalogue on the Royal Canadian Mint collector issues on the market today. The 6th edition contains over 1700 coin designs, including new gold and silver coin denominations, commemorative Canadiana series, and designs showcasing Canadian war efforts and aboriginal cultures.

Price: $34.95 CAD

Charlton Standard Catalogue:

Canadian Government Paper Money, 28th Edition, 2016

The 28th edition of Canadian Government Paper Money discusses gains and losses for Bank-of-Canada notes, such as the 1935 and 1954 issues, Dominion notes, Province of Canada notes, army bills, and more.

Price: $34.95 CAD

The 2016 Charlton Coin Guide, 55th Edition, 2016

The Charlton Coin Guide is the oldest Canadian coin buying guide still being published today. It contains a host of information on coins in circulation, Royal-Canadian-Mint collectables, paper money, colonial tokens, U.S. coins, and more.

Price: $9.95 CAD

Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps, 2016

With 720 pages illustrating Canadian stamps in full colour, it's the only catalogue of its kind on the market today. The 2016 edition contains new features such as rarity factors of British Columbia numeral cancellations, two pricing grades for 5-hole OHMS, artist-signed 'Duck' stamp pricing, and many Scott Publishing number additions for previously listed Unitrade varieties.

Price: $47.95 CAD

Stamp Supplies

U-A Blank Page Stamp Binder

Price for the set: $11.95


SPECIAL: Stamp binder, 100 different Canadian stamps, and a magnifying glass.

Lighthouse Straight Deluxe Stamp Tongs

  • 15cm, with sleeve
  • Available tips: round, spaded, and pointed

Price: $12.75 CAD

Lighthouse Bent Deluxe Stamp Tongs

  • 15cm, with sleeve
  • Spaded tip

Price: $14.50 CAD

Lighthouse Straight Standard Stamp Tongs

  • 12 cm, without sleeve
  • Available tips: round, spaded, and pointed

Price: $4.25 CAD

Lighthouse Bent Standard Stamp Tongs

  • 12 cm, without sleeve
  • Available tips: round, spaded, and pointed

Price: $5.25 CAD

Stockbooks are stamp albums with card pages featuring horizontal glassine or film strips into which stamps are inserted. They are essential in a philatelist’s kit. Even if part of your stamp collection is stored elsewhere, such as in illustrated albums, stockbooks can serve as a storage space for duplicates, as a mobile solution for trading, or to store your most valuable stamps in a deposit box, for instance.

Comfort Padded Leatherette Cover

  • Black pages with 9 glassine strips per page
  • Double interleaves
  • Double hinge binding
  • Available colours: blue, black, red, and green

Price: $29.95 CAD

Premium Padded Leatherette Cover

  • 32 black pages with 9 clear strips per page
  • Special film free from chemical softeners
  • Double interleaves
  • Double hinge binding
  • Available colours: blue, black, red, and green

Price: $39.95 CAD

Lindner Perforation Gauge

With this gauge it is easy to obtain the exact perforation owing to the teeth being raised. The lid of the box is intended for use as a watermark detector tray using watermark fluid. Each box comes complete with a small approval card that can be placed in the lid of the box.

Ref.: 2099 Lindner Phila-Combi-Box

Price: $34.95 CAD

Stamp Hinges
Attach your used stamps to any album page with ease.

Uni-Safe Pre-Folded Stamp Hinges, Pkg. of 1000

Ref.: U441

Price: $3.95 CAD

Dennisen Pre-Folded Stamp Hinges, Pkg. of 1000

Ref.: U443

Price: $3.95 CAD

Coin and Banknote Supplies

STABIL 156 Banknote Case

Transparent currency holders made of durable, scratch-resistant, archival plastic to protect your valuable bank notes.

Chemically inert. Free of PVC, acids and softeners.

The two sides snap together securely, yet are easy to open.

Optimal presentation of both sides of the note due to frosted margins providing an elegant frame.

Regular size for bank notes up to 6 1/8 x 3" (156 x 75 mm). Perfect for modern Canadian banknotes.

Size: 7" x 4" (177 x 101 mm).

Ref.: CAPSBN156

Price: $2.95

Square QUADRUM Coin Capsules

Outer dimensions: 50 mm x 50 mm x 6.25 mm

These scratch-resistant coin capsules are easy to open and lock securely. They’re made up of a square, 50-mm case house a black insert for coins anywhere between 14 mm and 41 mm in diameter, a combination which will allow you to collect coins of various sizes and organize them in a single system.


Price: $6.25 CAD for 10

  • QUADRUM 19 for 1 cent
  • QUADRUM 22 for 5 cents
  • QUADRUM 18 for 10 cents
  • QUADRUM 24 for 25 cents
  • QUADRUM 27 for loonies
  • QUADRUM 28 for toonies
  • QUADRUM 38 for silver maple leafs
  • QUADRUM 41 for silver American eagles

QUADRUM Intercept Square Coin Capsules

Coin slots available in increments between 14 mm and 41 mm. 

These capsules protect coins against tarnishing.

Price: $7.25 CAD

ENCAP Clear Pages for QUADRUM Coin Capsules

Durable transparent album pages.

ENCAP holds 20 QUANDRUM snaplock square capsules.

Allows for convenient viewing from both sides while completely protecting capsules and coins.

Features easy snap closing.

Compatible with GRANDE binders.

Size 91/4 x 113/8 (240 x 282 mm), set of 2.


Price: $6.95

GRANDE Classic Album with Slipcase

Complete with 4 ENCAP coin album pages.

Holds up to 80 Quadrum snaplock square capsules.

Price for the Set: $50.85 CAD


The Numis System

Numis coin albums measure 225 mm x 210 mm.

NUMIS Classic Album with Slipcase

Includes 5 assorted sheets.

A complete album in a classic design with matching protective presentation box.

Leatherette bookbinder’s quality 4-ring binder.

SPECIAL: Receive free global coins with each album.

Dimensions: 230 x 235 mm.

Available colours: blue, green, and red

Price: $26.95 CAD

NUMIS coin collection pages

These sheets are available in different arrangements.

They protect your collectible money from all environmental influences.

Packages of 5 sheets available in a variety of sizes.

Price $6.50 CAD

NUMIS Canada Album with Coat of Arms on Cover

Includes 5 assorted sheets. Dark blue leatherette bookbinder’s quality 4-ring binder.

Price: $22.95 CAD

Vario (DUKE) Album

The Vario ring-binder includes slipcase and holds 8.5 x 11” sized-documents with a 3-ring mechanism.

Available colours: blue, black, brown, green, and red

Price: $24.95 CAD


For GRANDE and Vario sheet systems; 91/2 x 12” (240 x 300 mm).

Leatherette cover in bookbinder’s quality.

Sturdy 3 D-ring mechanism.

Holds up to 60 sheets (depending on contents).

Dimensions: 111/2 x 131/4 x 23/4 (293 x 335 x 70 mm)

Available colours: blue black, red, and green

Price: $36.95 CAD

Vario Sheets

Lighthouse offers this very popular range as a double-sided black (Vario S) sheet or a clear one-sided (Vario C) sheet.

Both feature crystal clear pockets in varying dimensions.

Overall size: 216 x 280 mm (81/2 x 11).

Price per pack of 5: $6.50 CAD

U-Do-It Coin Holders, 2" x 2"

These holders are constructed of high quality brilliant white board with Mylar windows.

Keeps coins completely protected and visible from both sides.

Reference number and description

1 1 cent and 10 cents

2 5 cents

3 25 cents

4 50 cents

5 Silver dollars and nickel dollars

6 Loon dollars and U.S. Sacagawea dollars

7 Two dollars

Ref.: 1-7

Price: $1.75 CAD per box of 20

Special: $6.50 CAD for any 5 boxes

1 Page with 20 Vinyl Pockets for 2" x 2" U-Do-It Coin Holders

These sturdy vinyl pages are made specifically for use with the U-Do-It Coin holders. This combination makes for a well-organized storage system. All pages fit standard 3-ring binders and every pocket has a thumb-cut opening to facilitate easy removal of holders.

With heavy blue reinforcement strip on the ring side of the page (coins not included)

Ref.: CO5

Price: $1.10 CAD

With metal eyelets to reinforce ring holes

Ref.: CO7

Price: $1.50 CAD

Vinyl Bill Pages 1 Pocket for Extra Large Bills

Ref.: CO1

Price: $1.00 CAD

Vinyl Bill Pages 2 Pockets for Large Bills

Ref.: CO2

Price: $1.00 CAD

Vinyl Bill Pages 3 Pockets for Medium Bills

Ref.: CO3

Price: $1.00 CAD

Vinyl PL Pages 4 Pockets for Proof-like Sets

Ref.: CO4

Price: $1.00 CAD

Coins of the World

Each brown folder contains six pages with a total of 142 pockets (24 for large size coins, 48 for medium size coins and 70 for small size coins)

For assorted coins

Ref.: 130

Price: $5.95

Acetate Currency Holders
Durable single bill holders for storage and protection of paper money. Available in three standard and two special sizes.

Small - 2.5" x 6" - Fractional Currency

Package of 100

Ref.: CO1S

Price: $19.95 CAD

Small - 2.5" x 6" - Fractional Currency

Package of 10

Ref.: CO2S

Price: $2.25 CAD

Medium - 3" x 7" - Modern Currency

Package of 100

Ref.: CO1M

Price: $24.95 CAD

Medium - 3" x 7" - Modern Currency

Package of 10

Ref.: CO2M

Price: $2.75 CAD

Large - 3.5" x 8" - Early Currency

Package of 100

Ref.: CO1L

Price: $29.95 CAD

Large - 3.5" x 8" - Early Currency

Package of 10

Ref.: CO2L

Price: $3.25 CAD

Plastic Year Set Holders

Made of high quality styrene, these holders give coins ultimate protection while allowing a clear view of either side. Each holder has space for a complete Canadian year set.

Silver year sets of 1967 and earlier

Ref.: HLRC67

Price: $1.50 CAD

Year sets of 1968 to 1986

Ref.: HLRC68

Price: $1.50 CAD

Loonie year sets of 1987 to 1995

Ref.: HLRC87

Price: $1.50 CAD

Loonie and toonie year set of 1996 to present

Ref.: HLRC96

Price: $2.25 CAD

Uni-Safe Currency Wallets

Sturdy, grained vinyl covered with gold stamping

Cerlox binding allows wallet pages to lay flat

Each wallet contains 10 clear paper-money pages

Small, 3.5" x 6"

Ref.: C3S

Price: $6.95 CAD

Medium, 4" x 7"

Ref.: C3M

Price: $6.95 CAD

Large, 4.25" x 8"

Ref.: C3L

Price: $7.95 CAD

Magnifying Tools and Lamps

Limited Time Offer -15% off: $169.15 CAD

Digital Microscope with 2.0 Megapixels, Magnification: 20x-200x, with Eight LED Lamps Microscope with magnification ranging from 20x to 200x for multiple uses (hobbies, school and studies). Allows you to observe details that are not visible to the naked eye, namely differences with an original piece and damages. Comes with software to take and record pictures and videos. Both the microscope and the software are compatible with all current computer models. The software is designed for easy use, even for students, seniors and people who are unfamiliar with computers. Device can be handheld or placed on stand.

Ref.: DM1

Original Price: $199.00 CAD

Technical specifications

  • Magnification: 20x to 200x
  • Illumination: 8 LED, adjustable
  • Integrated optical zoom: yes
  • Optical resolution: 2 megapixels
  • Power supply: USB port
  • Software (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian)
  • Operating instructions in: German, English
  • Size: 33mm x 112mm (W/H)

Included in delivery

  • Microscope
  • Digital camera with software and operating instructions on CD-ROM
  • Stand and USB cable

Digital microscope is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 8
  • MAC OS 10.5 and 10.6

Battery powered.

Includes three AG10 button cells and protective leatherette pouch.

Ref.: LU176LED

Price: $14.95 CAD

"6-in-1" LED Pocket Magnifier and 55x Microscope

Our most versatile magnifier yet: 6-in-1 LED pocket magnifier

Multi-function LED magnifier and microscope in one versatile, pocket-sized unit. Two aspheric Perspex lens (large lens with 3x magnification, small lens with 10x magnification) and powerful LED microscope (up to 55x magnification) with built-in focus wheel allow examination of an object at various levels of detail.

Additional light functions: three-LED flashlights, simple UV light to check the authenticity of bank notes and stamps, and one white LED light to permit viewing of collectibles even in poor lighting conditions. Black composite housing.

Dimensions: 39mm x 115mm x 19mm

Lens size: 30mm x 37mm rectangular and 15mm diameter round

LED Magnifying Lens without Frame 2.5x

Superior quality lens with ergonomic handle and modern design grip. Excellent optic. Lens diameter: 75mm. Magnification: 2.5x. Battery operated and three SR54 button cells. Comes with a protective velvet pouch.

Ref.: LU 4 LED

Price: $16.95 CAD

Stainless Steel LED Illuminated Magnifier

First-class acrylic lens and ergonomically designed stainless steel handle. Sleek look. Excellent optical qualities. Lens diameter: 90mm. 2x magnification. 2 extra bright LEDs. Includes 3x button cell SR54 and soft protective pouch.

Ref.: LU 5 LED

Price: $39.95 CAD

Pocket Folding Magnifier, 5x Magnification, Black

High-quality, aspherical acrylic lens, lens diameter 32mm, metal (chrome-plated) lens frame, genuine leather slide-pouch.

Ref.: LU 23 LED

Price: $21.95 CAD

Pull-out Mgnifier with LED, Magnification 20x

Pull-out magnifier with LED. Amazing 20X magnification. Black matt plastic housing. Lens diameter: 21mm. 1 powerful LED. Incl. 3 LR1130 batteries. Dimensions: 54mm x 34mm x 23mm.

Ref.: LU 30 LED

Price: $11.95 CAD

Credit Card-sized Wallet Magnifier, 3x Magnification, Including White LED Lamp

Credit card-sized wallet magnifier. Just 4mm thick. 3x magnification. Integrated powerful LED.

Ref.: LU 26 LED

Price: $6.95 CAD

Compact LED Magnifier, 6x

Light-weight magnifier with LED. Aspheric lens. 6x magnification. Includes batteries.

Ref.: LU 29 LED

Price: $14.95 CAD

Table/Clamp Magnifier With Adjustable Arm

Lens diameter: 88 mm

Additional built-in 5x magnification at 21mm

Two LED lamps that can be turned on and off

Price: $34.75 CAD

10x Chrome Precision Magnifier

Lens diameter: 18 mm

3.50 dioptre, spherical, foldaway glass lens in leather holster

Price: $39.95 CAD

L 80 Portable Ultraviolet Lamp (Long-wave)

Long wave, hand held, portable model for detection of fluorescence of stamps and tagging on currency or phone-cards. Suitable for use on most stamps (i.e. Canada, Mexico, Norway, France, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China, Russia and definitive sets of Great Britain after 1992).

Battery operated; 4 AA batteries (not included)

4 watt efficiency

Broad spectrum of long waves

Peak efficiency at 366 nm. Reliable detection of luminescence

Ref.: L80

Price: $15.50 CAD

L81 Switchable Dual UV Lamp, Portable (Long and Short Wave)

This versatile precision UV lamp combines two functions in one device: all stamps, bank notes, credit cards, telephone cards, etc. can be examined for both fluorescence and phosphorescence. Switch allows you to change quickly and easily between short and long UV rays (254 and 380 nm).

Battery operated: 4x AA (not included)

4 watt (254 nm) or 3-4 mW (380nm)

Ref.: L81

Price: $52.50 CAD

Based on availability. Postage and applicable taxes extra.

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