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Whether you collect coins with rare mint errors, those that circulated only briefly or money that commemorates certain special people or events, Rousseau Collections Stamps and Coins at Hudson’s Bay has coins from around the world to enhance your collection. Feel the thrill of finding that particular coin that has eluded you – right here in our shop! Call or email us if you have questions.

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On May 3, 1921, the government passed an act authorizing the substitution of a larger nickel 5-cent piece to replace the small silver coin. Consequently, almost the entire coinage of the silver 5-cent pieces dated 1921 were melted. About 400 specimens of this date are known to exist.

1935 1 Dollar Canada


Signature: Osborne Towers

1935 2 Dollars Canada


Signature: Osborne Towers

1935 5 Dollars Canada


Signature: Osborne Towers

1935 10 Dollars Canada


Signature: Osborne Towers

1935 5 Dollars Canada


Foreign Coins

Ancient Rome (140-144 AD)

She-wolf Suckling Remus and Romulous (rev. legend “Tripcos III”), minted in Rome

Obv. Legend “ANTONINUSAVGPJVSPP” Antonius Pius (130 – 161)

Catalogue no. RIC #648

Price: $600.00 CAD

France (1656)

Lyon mint

Price: $75.00 CAD

Vatican Papal States (1865 R)

Price: $20.00 CAD

Great Britain (1797)

“Cartwheel” issue

Price: $40.00 CAD

France (1652)

Aix mint ½ Ecu

Price: $150.00 CAD

Imperial Russia (1877 C?? / HI)

Price: $200.00 CAD

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