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Our staff here at Rousseau Collections are just as enthusiastic as you are about your collection, and we’re ready to help you select the item that best complements your specialty. We employ respected experts in each field and, in fact, were founded by one! Lyse Rousseau is publisher and editor of the Darnell Stamps of Canada catalogue and the EFO special edition.

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Located at Hudson’s Bay, Rousseau Collections is easily accessible and your one-stop shop for supplies, service, and anything else related to stamps and coins. Come in and check out our competitive prices.

Lyse Rousseau

Lyse Rousseau has been at the heart of the coin, stamp and wildlife appreciation communities in Quebec for over 40 years. It was her genuine interest in these fields which lead her to found Rousseau Collections, operating her business with a profound insight into the needs of the collector. Also engaging in philanthropic activities, she has dedicated herself not only to her staff and clients, but society on a whole. Her roles include: manager, co-owner, editor, writer, founder and president of associations, concept creator, consultant, director and vice-president of boards of directors, member of consulting committees, competition judge, and finally, founder and owner of Galerie Philatélique, Numismatique et Faunique "Rousseau Collection". Lyse Rousseau is publisher and editor of the Darnell Stamps of Canada catalogue and the EFO special edition!

Marc Magoon

We’ve been lucky enough to have Marc Magoon as part of our team since 2001. He is likely to be the first person you’ll meet when you come through our doors. His professionalism matched with his exceptional sense of humour is sure to make your visit memorable. Director of merchandise and sales, he regularly represents Rousseau Collections and the Royal Canadian Mint at numismatic events. Whether you are looking to buy or to sell, Marc is your man. Marc will evaluate your coins, make you an offer when you want to sell, or help you find that special item you’ve been searching for.

Professional Affiliations

Official Distributor for Royal Canadian Mint
Official Distributor for Canada Post
Official Distributor for Fondation de la faune du Québec
Official Distributor for Wildlife Habitat Canada
Distributor for Lighthouse
Distributor for Unitrade

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Canadian Stamp Dealers Association (CSDA)
Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC)
Paper Money Guaranty (PMG)